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Who Are You?

Have you ever wondered why superhero movies and comics are so popular?

You haven’t?

Well, I have.

And, since I wonder about such things, I have some insight I want to share with you.

And no… I’m not drawn to superhero-based entertainment. But you have to agree there’s a massive following for that genre.

So, back to my question. WHY are superheroes so popular?

Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Are you READY?

The concept of a superhero resonates because inside EVERY person resides a SUPERHERO.

Think about it. 

You were created in the image of GOD. 

God is a spirit being – unseen – not limited by the rules of the physical world

When he created man, he first made a BODY, and then breathed the “breath of life” into it, giving LIFE to that body. 

Here’s who you are:

YOU are a SPIRIT. YOU are what gives life to your body. YOU are eternal in nature. YOU are “in the image of God.”

Your BODY is not the REAL you. When YOU leave the body, the body will have no life. But YOU will continue to exist.

And because you are a spirit, you are SUPERnatural. This means YOU are NOT subject to the rules of the material (visible) world.

You’ve been taught that this physical world is the REAL world. And if it’s the REAL world, and the body is the REAL you, then YOU are subject to the rules, laws, and limitations of the physical (visible) realm.

The reality, however, is this: YOU are NOT bound by these limitations. YOU are spirit. YOU are super (above) natural. YOU are a SUPERhero.

Religion (as a whole) works to convince adherents that they are LESS THAN who they really are. Even churches who believe in a miracle-working God fall back into “limitation thinking” and “limitation logic.”

The physical world provides a framework in which you operate. It is governed by laws dictating what is and isn’t “possible.” But whatever you accept as truth determines your boundaries and limitations.

The superhero doesn’t experience the same limitations as the common man. He rises above the natural because he is aware that he is SUPERnatural – someone who exerts superiority over the natural (physical) realm.

When you begin to realize you are a spirit being, limitations start to disappear. This physical realm turns into a stage on which you can display your GREATNESS. 

THIS is what Jesus demonstrated during his earthly ministry, and what his disciples displayed in the Book of Acts. They showed what can happen when a spirit being BREAKS the rules imposed by the physical realm.

Can a person see out of an eye that has no pupil? A man I know has seen it happen.

Can a person hear without an eardrum? I know a woman who does.

But as long as you are locked into MATERIAL REALM THINKING, you will not be able to break its imposed limits.

Instead of asking for sight, you will ask for the pupil to be restored. But Father isn’t limited to the physical apparatus we think is required for seeing. 

Instead of asking for hearing, you will ask for the eardrum to be replaced. But Father isn’t limited to the physical apparatus we think is required for hearing.

You might believe it is possible, but if your “possibility thinking” is wrapped up in “limitation logic,” your possibilities are limited by the boundaries you’ve accepted.

Okay… that’s all for now.

But until my next email, take some time to review the following Bible references:

  • Genesis 1:26
  • John 4:24
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:23
  • Psalm 82:6
  • John 10:34

(What? You didn’t expect homework? How else will you learn?)


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