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What Sets You Apart?

Here we are again, exploring the depths of what’s possible.

In school, we were taught that humans are part of the animal kingdom. Specifically, we are classified as mammals. That puts us in the same class as elephants, whales, rodents, dogs, cats, and monkeys.

Inherently, you and I recognize we are superior beings compared to the rest of the mammals. Science, however, has to classify all things, putting them into neat little rows and columns. But scientists deal with what they can see, and the REAL you cannot be seen.

Remember, YOU are a spirit.

Yes, you live in a body, but the body is not the REAL you. It’s just the house YOU live in while you’re operating here on this Earth. I like to say my body is my earthsuit. Like astronauts have to wear a spacesuit to operate in space, you and I have to wear earthsuits so we can live and operate here on Earth.

But the body is not the real YOU.

When you step out of your earthsuit, it will fall to the ground, just like the clothes you take off at the end of the day.

What? Do I hear you say this is all so elementary?

Well, for YOU it may be. But there are many who have never been taught this reality.

But follow me, my dear Watson, because we need to take this further.

Let me ask you this…

What is the main difference that sets humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom?

Some say it’s the opposable thumbs – but primates (monkeys, gorillas, baboons and such) have opposable thumbs.

Some say it’s the ability to communicate – but science has determined animals can communicate with each other. Whales and dolphins are known to have high communication abilities. Gorillas have been taught to communicate via sign language. We had a dog that had a huge vocabulary. (We had to spell things out if we didn’t want him to know we were considering taking him to the P A R K.)

Here I am, going on about this – but I’m giving you time to rack your brain for the one thing that sets you and me apart from animals.

But I see that what you want me to do is to hand it to you on a silver platter.

Well, how about a copper platter instead?

Can a monkey draw a blueprint?

Can a dog take a stack of lumber and build a dog house?

Can any animal dig into the earth to find a specific type of ore, build a fire to melt the ore and refine it, then pour it into molds to make a hammer, a golf club, a sword, or a front fender for a car?

Of course not.


Consider the first couple of chapters of Genesis.

You and I were born into the God-class of beings.

God breathed his own breath into us.

And the primary characteristic of beings born into the God-class is this:


Another way of saying the REAL YOU is in the God-class of beings is to say that you are in the CREATOR-CLASS of beings.

As a CHILD of God, you inherit the characteristics of God.

YOU are a CREATOR – and the reality is that you, by virtue of WHO YOU ARE… 

YOU create EVERY day – even though you’re not aware of what you’re doing.

Even more interesting (and critical to understanding) is that God also gave you a wonderful gift – a gift called CHOICE.

Again, go back to the first few chapters of Genesis. 

You have the gift of choice, and Father will no revoke that gift. He will allow you to choose whatever you want, and he won’t prevent you from doing so. 

He will give you advice. But YOU choose. AND you live with the consequences of your choice.

Continuing with this same train of thought…

I’ve already said that you are creating every day, whether you’re aware of it or not. That might be hard for you to grasp right now, but humor me and assume that I’m right. Okay?

(Believe me, Pookie. This will become clear to you as we go through this course.)

As a creator with choice, you choose what you create, and Father will not prevent you from doing so.

He wants you to create a life of peace, but he will allow you to create a life of stress and drama.

He wants you to create a life of fulfillment, but he will allow you to create a life of lack, want, and disappointment.

He wants you to accept the salvation freely given through Jesus Christ, but Father will allow you to reject that salvation.

This is powerful.

In my next email, I’ll show you just how powerful you are.

I’m going to stop, for now, but you chew on what we’ve been talking about. Let it sink in that YOU ARE A CREATOR, and begin to THINK about the LIFE YOU COULD CREATE.

Until next time, PEACE.


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