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I’m Taking a Huge Chance

By offering this information for free, I’m taking a massive chance that you will NOT pay attention to it.

You see, it’s been proven time and time again. When people receive FREE information, their regard for that information is very low. They are likely to ignore it. They won’t get results because they won’t apply it.

Christians are conditioned to get information for free. They even think Jesus gave his information at no charge to the hearer.

He did, but for those who wanted more, this is what he said:

“Sell all you have, leave everything behind, and come and follow me.”

You see, his disciples were the ones who paid a price to attend Bible School with Jesus.

And when they wondered why he spoke to the masses in parables, he had this to say:

“Because the secrets of the kingdom of heaven have been given for YOU to know, but it has not been given to THEM.”

Matthew 13-11 CSB

When the masses came out to Jesus, they didn’t get the meat of his teachings. They got an introduction. It was much like going to church on Sunday and hearing a message that’s shallow enough to apply to everyone, and generic enough to keep people coming back. Much like the western church today.

Jesus gave the free stuff to the masses because he was looking for something. 

  • He was looking for those who resonated with what they heard. 
  • He was looking for those interested enough to press in and know more. 
  • He was looking for those who, on the inside, knew there was something more to life than their current experience.
  • He was looking for those who felt there was more to life than what they had been told.

In short, Jesus was looking for those who were seeking Truth.

While many will NOT treat my emails with respect, I’m taking a chance YOU will be different.

  • I’m looking for those who will READ my emails.
  • I’m looking for those who will read my emails MORE THAN ONCE.
  • I’m looking for those who will put THOUGHT AND PRAYER into what I provide.

If that describes YOU, your life WILL change.

YOU will experience increase, while OTHERS maintain or decrease.

YOU will experience a closer and more meaningful relationship with your Father God. In contrast, OTHERS will live in the status quo or fall away.

YOU will learn how to get your prayers answered, while others experience sporadic or no success.

It boils down to this:

If what you know could get you to where you WANT to go, you’d already be there.


So, right now, I’m asking ONE thing.

Are YOU seeking TRUTH? 

Are you WILLING to examine everything you think you know about God, Jesus, Christianity, and LIFE?

Do you REALLY want to see things differently, or are you satisfied with the life you now live?

Some of what you will learn:

  • How to turn things around through emergency prayer, and why you don’t want to live on that kind of prayer.
  • Why “speaking the Word” hasn’t changed situations in your life. Most teachings guide your focus AWAY from what will bring change in your life.
  • What causes mountains to move, and why most miss the key element. Having this understanding will equip you to get anything you need or want.
  • Why so many are not getting what they are praying for. When you see this, you’ll recognize teachings and songs that run counter to and lead you away from success in prayer.
  • What your income is really dependent on. Straight up, it’s NOT dependent on your savings, your tithing, or your giving.
  • How to move from a life of stress to a life of ease. The teachings of Jesus expose the key elements that will cause blessings to “come upon you and overtake you” rather than you chasing after the blessings.

If you are satisfied with your life and your Christian walk, DO NOTHING. Do NOT fill out the form below.

If you sincerely want to know TRUTH, fill out the form, click the button and find out “how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Challenge Everything You Think You Know

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