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There’s No Need to Wait

Kids don’t WAIT for the equipment or the field of play that’s marked off to regulation specs.

They just want to PLAY.

They don’t need the gloves and white-chalk baselines to play a game of baseball. All they need is a stick and a ball.

They don’t need helmets and pads to play a game of football. All they need is a ball and some space to play.

As adults, there are things we aren’t doing because we don’t have the equipment, or the support, or the field to play on. We are waiting until everything is PERFECT before we even start.

Inventors don’t plan to get it right the first time. They experiment. They have an idea and try it out.

They mock it up, play with it, and figure out the changes to make.

New ideas come as they dive in and find out what works and what doesn’t work.

They determine what they don’t know and go learn THAT so they can continue.

It’s progressive, and “failure” is part of the process.

When you were born, you didn’t have “failure” in you.

You kept trying until you rolled over. You kept trying until you crawled. You kept trying until you walked.

You fell, and you got back up. You kept doing that until you succeeded in taking steps without falling. And you kept practicing until you walked without thinking about it.

I’ve failed. I’ve fallen. Some of my failures brought pain and hard times to me AND to my family.

The MEMORY of pain and hard times can keep you from moving forward.

It’s the “what if?” factor, operating in the negative.

“What if I fail?

Why not, “What if I SUCCEED?”

Move on! Nothing gets accomplished by sitting still.

Let me ask you this…

WHAT are you putting on the shelf because you don’t know enough, or because you don’t have a “professional” playing field, or because you don’t have the MONEY to do it?

Take a moment to IMAGINE something with me.

IMAGINE being led into a large room that has all the equipment and supply you need to start your venture.

What could you do if you had everything you needed within reach?

Well, YOU DO.

Right now.

Jesus said, “REPENT! (Change how you’re thinking and perceiving things.) The Kingdom of God IS AT HAND. (It’s within reach, right now.)”

The Kingdom holds everything you need. It has the equipment you need to create whatever you want to create. It has the supply to provide anything you need.

YOU have ALL you need RIGHT NOW.

You THINK you don’t because you can’t SEE it. You can’t SEE the tools and the supply. But they exist.

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