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Create Economic Growth

As the United States entered July 2019, we also entered a period of unprecedented economic growth. That month marked a record for the longest period of economic growth since 1900.

As I write this article in January 2020, the United States is still experiencing is a growth period that is a full six months longer than any in our nation’s history. The stock market is breaking records weekly. The unemployment rate is pegged near 3%. Personal income is generally up.



This is not “doom and gloom.” This is reality. My outlook is based on history. Every period of growth ends.

Growth is temporary. Recession is temporary.

It all operates on cycles.

The breadth and depth of any period of growth or recession cannot be predicted. But we can say, without a doubt, that each will end. There will be a turn-around.

That turn-around may be sudden and harsh, or it may be gradual and short-lived.

My question is this…

How are YOU prepared for the down-turn? What are YOU doing that will position you for growth during the upcoming recession?

Now let me say, I’m not an economist. I’m nowhere close to an expert regarding economic cycles. I just know they exist, and we would be foolish to think this current upward trend is sustainable.

Neither is my perspective material.

My perspective is spiritual.

In other words, there are things one can learn concerning the INVISIBLE realm that can form their experience in the VISIBLE.

There are things you can do NOW that can set you in a position of abundant provision NO MATTER what others around you experience.

You can experience the OPPOSITE of what others experience.

In fact, you can come to a place where you can DICTATE your supply while others around you helplessly flounder in the dictates of world-systems (that are designed for failure).

The ability to dictate your own economic experience is available to anyone, but most are totally unaware it exists.

This is where you probably live:

  • You are totally unaware that you have any power over your own economic state.

To become independent from external controls:

  • You must become aware that you can break free and take control of your own destiny.

This ability is not dependent on your natural skills, your level of education, your current economic status, the color of your skin, or any other external factor.

But this new awareness is not enough. Once you become aware that this ability exists, you MUST MAKE A DECISION to pursue the knowledge that will unlock this ability in YOUR life.

Once you decide to act:

  • You will enter a stage of learning.

In this stage, you will INCREASE your spiritual skills AS YOU APPLY the knowledge you receive.

You must be willing to ACT, FAIL, MAKE ADJUSTMENTS and ACT AGAIN.

As you commit to putting your new-found knowledge to practice:

  • You will RISE ABOVE circumstances and outside controls and MASTER your personal economy.

God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) COME to you IN ABUNDANCE, so that you are always, and under all curcumstances, and whatever the need, self-sufficient – posessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance to every good work and charitable donation.

2 Corinthians 9:8 AMPC

Begin your journey NOW.

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