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Getting Concrete Results

I offer a free email series called “Create Your Own Economy.” 

On the surface, it appears that subject of the series is Building Wealth

BUT material wealth is not the issue.

While God doesn’t mind if you possess material wealth, that isn’t the key to living an abundant life.

The issue is supply.

  • Supply in every situation and circumstance
  • Supply in every arena of life
  • Supply in any economic environment

Prosperity goes beyond money. It includes:

  • Ability
  • Answers and Solutions
  • Ideas
  • Insight
  • Health
  • Peace

This is what I espouse…

I espouse the development of SPIRITUAL effectiveness. An effectiveness that translates to concrete results for supply in every circumstance.

Here’s an experiment.

Can you choose something you do not have NOW and obtain it through prayer? Not through your wallet. Not through telling people about it. Can you get it done through prayer?

A few years ago, I participated in a self-improvement program. Each participant was required to set a goal for an amount of money to obtain during the 45-day session. My goal was $20,000.

The program leaders coached the participants on ways to accomplish their goals through action steps. I ignored their advice and went to prayer.

At the end of the session, about 50% of the participants reached their fiscal goal. Those who made their goal had worked hard to get there. My goal was met with no effort other than effective prayer.

THAT is a concrete application of the principles of the Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Let me ask you a question.

How hard are you working to achieve the results you’re getting? And are those results what you desire?

Move into Effective Prayer

"Create Your Own Economy" is a FREE email series that will enable you to move ineffective and impotent "hit or miss" prayer, to effective prayer - prayer that gets results.

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