You’re a Christian. You go to church. You read your Bible. Then why is your life stagnant? Why can’t you move forward?

Maybe you’ve seen some improvements. But really. If you were honest with yourself for a few moments, you’d realize it’s just not enough.

Let me ask you this. How’s your prayer life?

I don’t mean, “Do you pray?” I mean, “Do you get answers to your prayers?”

I don’t mean the kind of answers where God keeps saying, “No.” That’s the kind of stuff your fellow Christians (and even pastors) will state to rationalize their own failure to get real answers to prayer.

Real answers. That means that you actually get what you’re praying for.

And is that too much to ask? After all, Jesus said you can get anything you ask for. (John 14:13)

If he said it, it must be the truth. Jesus was no liar.

Maybe your Christian buddies say, “God always answers prayer. It’s just that sometimes it’s ‘yes,’ sometimes it’s ‘no,’ and sometimes it’s ‘wait.’”

If you ask them what answer they generally get, I’ll bet it’s rarely (if ever) “Yes.”

Hey, if you want to continue to live by what they say, go ahead. Keep on living disappointed and helpless and hopeless. Keep on living a pointless life here on earth and holding to the hope that heaven is a better place. Keep on repeating cycles of sickness, and financial problems, and relationship woes.

But Jesus wants you to live better than that. He said if you ask, He will do it.

Let's look at it again. “If you ask anything, I’ll do it.” (John 14:14)


When was the last time you heard that preached from the pulpit? If you did, I'd bet there was something on the inside of you that jumped up to take notice.

In fact, as you’re reading this, there’s something on the inside that’s saying, “Yes! That’s right!”

You see, deep on the inside, you know life shouldn’t be this hard. There’s something on the inside of you that’s screaming life should be better. When you get quiet, there’s something that says, “I was made for more than this.” And that voice on the inside of you is right.

Look. I can help you change that mundane life to one that means something. Only if you really want your life to change, though. I can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to experience real change in their life.

But you have to understand something.

To make that kind of change, you’ll have to be willing to change the following three things.

  1. What you believe about God.
  2. What you believe about yourself
  3. What you think about how life really works.

If you’re not willing to change those three things, your life will stay the same.

If you’re willing to see things differently from how you currently see things, then you can drastically and radically change your life.


There was a time when nothing I did was working. Then I stopped and asked God, "What am I missing?" 

When I truly wanted to know, he started bringing people, books and movies into my life to answer that prayer.

Is this web page what God is sending you? 

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” - ancient proverb

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