Do you want to know God’s will for your marriage? Are you in a serious relationship and want to know if that person is right for YOU? After all, choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with is a major decision. Wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time if you’re makig a right choice?

Buy the book at Amazon.comDo you want to know God’s will for your marriage?

Are you in a serious relationship and want to know if that person is right for YOU? After all, choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with is a major decision. Wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time if you’re choosing right?

Many might go to psychics or astrologers to find out about the future, but the GOOD NEWS is you can get the answer you need straight from God… the One who sees the hearts of people, the One who knows YOUR FUTURE, and the One who knows what’s right for YOU.

This book gives practical tips for seeking God and hearing His voice so you can make the right decision. The author uses examples from his own life… where he missed it, how he learned certain principles of prayer, and how he applied them to his own life (to produce a successful marriage of thirty-one years).

You will learn that anyone can find God’s will for marriage.


What You Will Learn

  1. How to Obtain the Counsel of the Lord; You can get comfortable with the idea that God really want’s to speak to you, and to help you make right decisions. In this chapter you will read about a man who “never lost a dime” in his many investments, and the process he used to find God’s will before making his investment decisions.
  2. Positioning Yourself to Hear God; There are many voices in this world, and many thoughts going through your mind. This chapter will help you learn how to recognize God’s “voice” and know when you have found His will.
  3. My Greatest Mistake; Life experience is a great teacher. This chapter shares how the author ended up in a wrong marriage relationship, even though God was trying to get his attention.
  4. How I Avoided the Wrong Marriage Partner; In this chapter the author shares how he learned to seek God’s counsel on purpose, and actually get an answer from God concerning an impending marriage. Though everything looked good on the outside, a wrong decision was about to be made.
  5. How God Showed Me the Right Person to Marry; What is it like to KNOW you’re choosing the right partner for marriage? In this chapter the author shares his experience in finding the right person… and having that person say, “No.”
  6. Recognizing Fear; Many people avoid marriage because of fear… and then others decide to marry because they fear. In this chapter you will read the story of a man who married someone he thought was right, but actually ended up with exactly what he feared.
  7. A New Dimension of Prayer; This chapter shares how you can boost your prayer potential by tapping into one of God’s most important gifts.
  8. Thoughts about Marriage; In this chapter the author shares some tips that will help anyone filter out people who do not match up with your life purpose. It will help you choose the person who can help you be all you can be.


What This Book is NOT

This is NOT a book on dating. This book is written to help you find out if the person you’re in a relationship with is the right person for you to marry. The sooner you use this book, the better. After all, you don’t want to waste your time dating someone who isn’t a good long-term match for you, do you?

This is NOT a book about sexual morals. Though I could tell you why you should conduct your relationships in a chaste manner, your prior actions should not be used as an excuse why you can’t get direction from God when choosing a marriage partner.

This is NOT a book about solving marriage problems. This book is intended for use prior to making the decision to marry someone. However, this book can help the reader learn how to “hear” God when faced with the difficult issues of life.

This is NOT a religious book. This isn’t a book about religious “law”, “rules” and “regulations”. The author’s approach comes from a perspective of relationship with God… one where the reader can actually approach the Creator of the Universe and obtain answers from Him regarding the future.


What People are Saying

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars Succinct and Easy to Understand

As a minister I have a lot of interactions with people who are considering marriage, and want to find that “right” person. I find this book to be very clear and easy to understand. It has many good points to consider. In short this is an excelent short course that gives a person a vast aray of tools to use in their consideration of marriage and that right partner. I recommmend this to every person who comes to me for counsel. It is a great tool for any minister to use in their counseling sessions. – S. Arbo

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars This Little Book will save you Thousands of Troubles

JAYCE TOHLINE has a unique ability to make things simple. Although there is plenty of sound wisdom here for one of life’s most important decisions in marriage, this book is not just for young people looking to choose a life mate. Also within its pages are invaluable insights on how to hear God’s voice and make decisions based on His will and not our own. Using biblical principles in a masterful way, JAYCE takes the reader into an understanding of God’s true counsel that stands the test of time. This book was refreshing and easy to read. I would even recommend it to the person who doesn’t know God and is not familiar with the Bible. If heeded, it will save you a thousand troubles. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend. – B. Farias

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars Amazing Work!

This masterpiece by Jayce Tohline is a key not only for Christians with a strong desire to recognize the presence and guidance of God in their life but also for all men and women’s success in determining the perfect match for a lasting and blissful marriage. With a personal testimony by the author, we can identify with our own story which makes the ideas and concepts very accessible and easy to understand. I totally love how Jayce explains the depth of God’s voice, which speaks to our hearts rather to our ears and which is not to compare to humans’ views and perspectives. Jayce reveals how painstaking, emotionally detached, and perseverant one needs to be to find God’s specific will for our lives. This is an excellent guide for anybody thinking about taking their romantic relationship to the next level. It is a blessing that we all need to enjoy before making any crucial decision. Totally loved it! – Catherine

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars Clear, Concise, Practical Advice for Marriage and Life

This is concise, practical advice for making decisions in life. It is easy to read in one sitting and never veers towards becoming overly preachy. The author walks through the steps (including the missteps) he took in the journey to finding his wife. The book is about finding God’s Will for your life in regards to marriage but the same steps apply to finding God’s Will in other areas of your life, as well! I highly recommend this if you are in a place of wandering or indecision in any area of life. – R. Tatro

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars Cheers to Choosing Right!

Author, Jayce Tohline, does an excellent job of clearly outlining applicable tools needed in making one of the biggest decisions in one’s life. He folds intimate examples from his life supported by Biblical principles and outlines `things to consider’ along the way. I know that my life will directly benefit from Jayce’s insights in this book and I will pick it up again and again as I look to find God’s will when choosing my marriage partner. – Jessica

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars Highly Recommend

This is very readable little book. There are many personal illustrations on how the author applied his ideas to his own search for his perfect mate. For those who seek God’s counsel and guidance on all important decisions, this is a great little how-to book! – V. Steele

Amazon Rating of 5 Stars More than I Bargained For!

I read this book to understand the truths re: choosing a right marriage partner as I direct a singles ministry, but found that the principles shared were helpful regarding any important decisions you face in life. Taking time to hear from God and receive a clear answer avoids double-mindedness down the road when circumstances try to convince you you may have made a wrong choice. I think this book should be read by anyone considering marriage! – Barb

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