“I tell you the truth, if anyone says TO this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.” – Jesus (Mark 11:23)

We provided a test environment to prove out the truth of what Jesus said.

The concept is simple… provide two test samples, then speak differently to each sample. After a while you should see specific results based on the words you’re speaking.

Here’s how we did it…

We cooked a batch of rice (brown rice, in our case) and obtained two matching (clean) glass jars with tight lids. When the rice finished cooking, we scooped equal amounts of rice into the two jars and sealed them. Since we were going to speak differently TO each jar of rice, we decided to put them in separate rooms if the house, careful to place each one close to a high traffic area where we would remember to perform our experimentation on a regular basis.

Each time we noticed one of the jars we would speak TO the rice.

The Good Rice

To the jar labeled “Good Rice” we spoke wonderful words, lovingly. “You feed nations. You are the answer to many prayers. National economies benefit because of you. You are a wonderful supply of nutrition. You go so well with so many things, and you are the perfect compliment to [name the food].” These are just some of the good things we spoke TO the “good rice”. (I can’t remember all the variations, but everything was complimentary, encouraging, and blessing in nature.)

The Bad Rice

To the jar labeled “Bad Rice” we spoke discouraging and insulting words, with an attitude and tone of disdain. “You are the bane of nations. You turn straight to sugar when you enter the system, providing horribly poor nutrition. You are the cause of poverty in nations. You are despicable, and a poor source of nutrition. People die because of your poor nutritional qualities.” And so on… Every phrase provided a curse, instead of a blessing.

The Results

After a couple of weeks we noticed some black spots forming on the “bad rice”. The “good rice” continued to look fresh and clean.

After a couple of more weeks we saw the black spread into clumps throughout the “bad rice”. The “good rice” continued to look fresh.

We allowed the experiment to go on for a couple of months.  The “bad rice” continued to get more black, while the “good rice” continued to look as fresh as when we’d put it in the jar.

An Interesting, Unintended Result

During our experiment our son, Jordan, said to his mom, “What does it feel like to be depressed? I’ve been feeling discouraged. It seems like I can’t get anything done, and what I do isn’t good quality work. I lack motivation, and I feel down all the time. I don’t know what to do to get out of it.”

Well, Mom prayed for him and tried to encourage him, but things didn’t change.

One day, when Jordan was at the house, he was looking at the jar of “bad rice” and exclaimed, “Mom! What are you doing to me?”

Startled, she looked over at him. He then pointed to the framed picture of him SITTING NEXT TO THE “BAD RICE”.

That picture had been right in line with the curses we’d been speaking over the rice. And the effect had been telling on his life.

Diane quickly moved Jordan’s picture to another shelf, away from the “bad rice”. Jordan’s emotional state soon began to show marked improvement.

What Has Happened?

I know many have been affected by “bad words” spoken over them… by parents, teachers, family, or others. “You’re stupid! You’re always getting into trouble! You’ll never amount to anything! Someday you’ll be in jail!”

Maybe you’ve even been guilty of speaking similar words to someone.

For many, those curses have affected them for years, because they believed what was spoken over them. But anyone can begin to turn things around by speaking blessings and hope… on a continual basis… replacing the old belief system with a new one.

But this doesn’t just affect people. It affects other things as well… Remember, the rice (or the mountain, in Mark 11:23) is inanimate. It is a THING.

What CAN Happen?

What words are you speaking over your job, your income, your marriage relationship, your opportunities? What would happen if you changed what you were speaking TO those situations? Would Mark 11:23 work for YOU?

Are you willing to test it in YOUR life? Are you willing to change what you say about your boss, your co-workers, your children, your in-laws, or your spouse? Are you willing to change what you say to your car, your house, your computer, your income, your possessions, your body, your surroundings?

Think about what could change if you put effort into proving Jesus right in YOUR life.