The #1 Reason You’re Not Producing Results

When things don't work they way they're supposed to, or when life is hard, our tendency is to look for the reason. Why don't things work our for me? Why are things so hard?

The likelihood is that you're making things more difficult than they need to be, while God says it's simple.   [Read More...]

Preparation Opens Doors of Opportunity

Success is never just handed to us, but opportunity is.

Opportunities are all around us. Many times it's preparation that actually opens unexpected doors, and allows you to take advantage of the opportunity when it arrives (unexpectedly).   [Read More...]

Dependable God

When the process is always the same, we can depend on the process.   [Read More...]

Understanding God 101

Once you understand how the game of life is to be played, it's much easier to build a life of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.   [Read More...]

Design the Life You Want to Live

God has placed you in the middle of a highly automated system that is easy to use, dependable, and predictable, so you can design the life you want to live.   [Read More...]
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